What is the connection between the microbiome and your diet?

Raylene Reimer, PhD

Reimer’s microbiome project focuses on the influence of diet on our microbiome. And how we can use dietary interventions to improve gut microbiota composition and function in chronic disease. Her lab has pioneered research in the use of prebiotics to prevent and treat metabolic diseases.

In rodents The lab is looking at the role of gut microbiota in triggering insulin resistance and obesity related to early life exposure to antibiotics and artificial sweeteners.

In humans The lab is looking at whether prebiotics can improve gut microbiota and disease management in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in adults and obsessive-compulsive disorder in youth.

She's also collaborating with other researchers at the University of Calgary. They're examining the role of gut microbiota and dietary intervention in preventing and/or treating osteoarthritis and weight gain, as well as metabolic syndrome associated with antipsychotic medication in children and youth.