Markus Geuking

Assistant Professor, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary

Geuking develops genetically modified microbes and uses state-of-the-art methods that allow for controlled and defined experiments. Specifically, he’s looking at how the microbiota modulates T helper cell response –– and how the microbiota is affected when these cell responses are directed at it. These are important parameters for designing therapies where the microbiota is used to therapeutically modulate immune responses in disease.

Recruited from:University of Bern, Switzerland

Research focus:How intestinal microbiota and the immune system are regulated and maintain a healthy, symbiotic relationship.

Background:Markus Geuking has over 30 peer-reviewed publications in journals such as Science and Immunity. He received the AbbVie IBD Grant (2015), Lutz Zwillenberg Award (2012), and Swiss National Science Foundation Ambizione Grant (2010).

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